Port Equipments
Wharf Cranes
12 Wharf Cranes of the following capacities:
2 of 12 Tons
4 of 16 Tons
6 of 25Tons
  The rated capacity of 16 tons cap. Crane is 400 MT/hour

The rated capacity of 25 Tons cap. Crane is 600 MT/hour.

Nine weighbridges inside the port, which includes:
Two Weighbridges of 40 MT capacities
One Weighbridge of 50MTcapacity.
One Weighbridge of 60MTcapacities.
Two Weighbridges of SOMT capacity.
Three Weighbridges 100 MT capacity.
  More weighbridges in collaboration with Private firms are being commissioned
Other Support Equipment
Easy availability of other support loading equipments such as Forklifts, Tractor, Trailors, Pay-loaders of various capacities.
Private handling, equipments like Mobile Cranes, Top litters, pay-loaders, Forklifts, Heavy-duty Trailors etc. available on hire at competitive rates.
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