Instructions to be followed in the web submision of "Vessel Declaration" & "Pilot Memo":

  • Declare the vessel through "Vessel Declaration Form" under "EDI".
  • The port will allot voyage code and sent same by email to the user.
  • The port customer will use the voyage code for future reference.
  • The port customer can use the voyage code for request oF pilot memo requisition.
  • The pilot memo requisition form contains :
    • Vessel Inward
    • Vessel Shifting
    • Vessel Sailing
  • The port customer can make use oF the pilot memo requisition memo for any purpose which was mentioned at Serial No.5.
  • The pilot memo requisition will be reached to Harbour Master, Signal Station for necessary action.
  • The port customer can make use of the "Pilot Memo Cancellation" for cancellation of pilot memo which was already requested through web.
  • If the port customer desires to submit a fresh pilot memo against the cancelled memo mentioned at Serial no.8 He can make use of "Pilot Memo Requisition Form" for fhe purpose.
  • The port customer can make use of "Voyage Code" for the purpose of "Advance Marine Voucher Request" and make use of same for the purpose of "Netbanking Transaction".
  • The new users can make a request to traffic manager and the username & password will be alloted after due procedure.
  • The user can change the password through web as and when he feels.
  • The "Send Log Information" can be used for the purpose of "Marine Voucher".
  • The help required in respect of "Vessel Declaraton", Traffic Manager Office will be contacted. And the help required in respect of "Pilot Memo And Marine Voucher", Harbour Master(Signal Station) and Harbour Master(Accounts) May Be Contacted.
  • The system help required they can contact Deputy Director(EDP) Phone No.239623 may be contacted.

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